Grace. Every believer is familiar with the term, but I’m not sure we fully understand its profound impact upon our lives. Sure, we immediately recognize grace for its function in Salvation. We, though we do not deserve it, receive the free pardon of our sins, paid for by the substitutionary death of our Lord Jesus.

This understanding unveils a very critical element of grace, namely it is always un-merited. It cannot be earned by good works, conjured by meditation, or even purchased by prayer and fasting. Grace must be bestowed, given freely to an undeserving recipient. In light of this, It is compelling to me that when scripture speaks of the gifts of the Spirit, the orginal greek literally means gift of grace!

Undeserved, Christ gives his gifts without respect of person. Then grace is the supernatural enablement of God’s Spirit, moving in and upon underserving man. We were chosen in Christ before the world began and ordained according the purpose of the Father (Ephesians 1:8-11). This is the true meaning of the election grace, not a selection of some to salvation and some to damnation, but of function and assignment.

This function of grace is far less known than its application in salvation. In the same way that our salvation cannot be earned, neither can our callings. This should free us of the temptation to fall into the soulish trap of ambition, believing that we can fulfill the purpose of God in our strength. Grace has been given to us in the same measure it was given to Jesus.

Learning to receive and walk in this grace is crucial to completing the assignment of The Lord on your life. Begin the process of walking in grace by first becoming aware that “every good and perfect gift, comes down from the Father of lights” (James 1:17). It is His gift at work in us that brings results. Learn to rest in His Grace, it is the fuel that powers the assignment of God on your life. In my next article, we will explore the concept of grace further, outlining the process and result of accessing it.